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Welcome to Albania, the land of hospitality with a wonderful nature. Dallandyshe Travel and Tours & Zenit are at your disposition to bring you different organized tours for a short or long period, with expert guide in your language. Our service is based on the modularity of the programs however we offer on request individual tours according to your needs. This way you can discover in full relax the beauties of this country and ejoy in maximum your vacations.

Our Offers


Duration: 1 day

  • Along Rodon‘s Cape
  • Relax by the seashore... Along the desert and virgin beach of Rena Lalez, you can enjoy a walk along the beach with a car or a horse to breath the fresh air or to have a swim. At St. Peter we will have lunch in a nice restaurant by the seaside to taste the fresh grilled fish. The afternoon is dedicated to a short ride with car through Lezha‘s valley and only during the summer the return is made by boat back to the cars. With a visit to Kruja we will finish this full-day relaxing tour in the nature.
The offer includes: Transfer to and from Tirana, guide, lunch, visits, the return with boat. For the horse riding version all the costs are included.

Duration: 3 days

  • Solidarity journey...
  • With boat through Drini... The river with thousands of branches carved through the impressive mountains of North Albania is a strong appeal for all the passionates of trekking to which we will add a ride with the bus-boat on the Drini valley and a ride with 4x4 off-road car. We start driving to the Rozafa’s castle with its museum. We visit the community of Don Antonio in Koman and after the visit to the lake we stop for overnight. In the next two days we sail with boat through Drini river to enjoy the panoramic view of the carstic rocks and to discover any rare village hidden behind the fiords. By walking we will have the possibility to admire the environment and to stop by some hospitable farm to eat roasted meat. From Fierza, through a passage which is sharp over the canyon we will admire from the top this work of art done with water and rocks
The offer includes: The offer includes: Transfer from and to Tirana, guide, full board service incl. reservations, visit of castles and museums, boat excursion, dinners and service with 4x4 off-road car.

Duration: 4-5 days

  • Along the Ionian seashore
  • This itinerary is suggested to the lovers of trekking with low difficulties, always in the search of wonderful sightseeings to enjoy moments of exaltation between heights and sea. We start with a visit to Tepelene and Cold Water over the river Drino. Unforgetable visits to Gjirokaster, the city of 1000 stairs, the Blue Eye and the church of Mesopotami. After that, dinner in Saranda.Then we continue to Butrinti and to its famous amphitheatre through the road which has one the left the lake of Butrint and on the right the Ionian sea. In the next stage we will have a look to the sea where we will start walking through the Himara’s inlets and the white beaches of Ionian sea up to Dhermi. The return will be with boat or 4x4 off-road car according to the season.
The offer includes: Transfer from Tirana to Vlora or alternately from and to Saranda, guide, full board service with family type reservations, visits to the sites, boat excursion according to the season, service with 4x4 off-road car.

Duration: 4 or 5 days

  • The Balkan seashore of Adriatic
  • After a visit in Tirana with a musical dinner, departure to Lezha, originally Lissus, with the ancient traces and the memorial of our national hero, Scanderbeg. After a lunch at the ex-house of hunting of Count Ciano, we pass the lagoon of Velipoja where we will visit the Rozafa’s Castle, famous for its legend and the museum. We continue along the Shkodra lake up to Montenegro and we visit Podgorica with its unique architecture. The next visits are going to take place in the old city of Budva and the wonderful Kotorr. Then we cross the border to Croatia up to Dubrovnik which is built with high and fortified walls. After visits and shopping, departure to Tirana with an optional stop to Kruja.
The offer includes: Transfers, full board service with reservations, guide, visits to the castles and museums. 5‘th day excursion to Kruja is optional.

Duration: 4 or 5 days

  • Through Via- Egnatia
  • The excursion provides a panoramic view of inner Albanian beauties , (the trip to Macedonia is optional). - In Tirana, visit to the National Museum, than continue toward Kruja (the main old center of the Albanian Princedom, from which the national hero Scanderbeg leaded his battles), there we visit the museum and the characteristic Bazaar with handy-made artisanship products. The next day we continue to Elbasan, following the Via-Egnatia till Ohrid lake & Drilon which is part of the national park. Visit of Pogradec city. The last day is optional, visiting St Naum & it’s Monastery in Macedonia, the Bazaar of Struga. Before turning to Tirana we visit the castle of Petrela and the grottos of the “Black cave”.
The offer includes: Transfers, full board service with reservations, guide, visits to the castles and museums. 5‘th day excursion to Kruja is optional.

Duration: 7 or 8 days

  • The cultural itinerary of the south
  • On the footprints (traces) of culture heritage in Albania
  • Sightseeing in Tirana. We depart from Tirana for a visit to the medieval castle of Petrela. Continue to Durres, a city established from the Ilirian king Epidamnos and than we make a visit to the half covered amphiteater. The excursion goes further to Berat the city of one thousand windows, to bachelour’s lodge – house, to city of Gjirokastra and further to ancient ruins of Bylis. After some breakes to “the Blue Eye Spring” and the mesapotamian church, we’ll spent the night to Saranda city. Continue up to Butrinti wellknown for it’s Greek Amphiteater and Roman ruins, we’ll go further by boat to the castle of Ali Pasha. We leave Saranda toward north, passing through Himara and Dhermi, ascending to the tourist site of Llogara. We stop to Vlora, visiting the Basilica and the Castle, on the road we arrive to Zvernec and to the Roman ruins of Apollonia. On the way back we make a visit to the monastery of Ardenica.
The offer includes: Transfers, accommodation (by booking), the tour guides, visits to castles & museums. (The excursion with boat and the visit of the Greek island of Corfu are optional).

Duration: 3 days

  • The lagoon of Vlora
  • This is an excursion for the amateurs of the sea and the pine –forests, of the ecosystem and those interested about culture. The wine-tasters(or the wine-lover)shall of course estimate the visit to the wine-cellars. We go to Zvernec where there is an orthodox monastery of a unique architectonic structure, which dates since the year 700, and full of frescos (wall paintings) that have been restored out of the ancient ruins of the Byzantine Empire. After an excursion through the lagoon we arrive at Viosa river, in it’s dense forest with a diversity of the fauna. This scenario of forests & rivers presents a perfect ecosystem for the fauna-lovers. After that we visit the antique cellars. The tour ends with a visit to the ancient city of Apollonia, visit of Berat city and turning by Via-Egnatia through the panoramic view of Elbasan.
The offer includes: Transfers, accommodation (by booking), the tour-guides, various tastes, visits to the castles & museums.

Duration: 7 days

  • The lagoons and mountains of the North
  • This itinerary will be enjoyable for those tourists who are looking for emotions transmitted from this part of Mediterranean, which consists of a very rich nature with a variety of small & calm beaches, high waterfalls, remains of ancient cultures and of a nature which still remains all virgin. We move toward Shkodra and the Rosafat Castle, after that we take a panoramic lunch over the Drin river. We go further through the spectacular mountain chain of Kardak by stopping for three days in Theth (encircled with a very warm & hospitable atmosphere).Here we can visit the surroundings and reach the breathtaking waterfalls by walking through the river of Shala. Our tour continues to Montenegro, with the city of Podgorica and the old town of Budva and Kotorr peninsula ,by visiting the historic sites and Bazaars. Taking the seashore route we return toward the lagoon of Lezha, where we shall taste some grilled meat in the ex-hunting house of Conte Ciano.
The offer includes: Transfers, accommodation (by booking), the tour guides, visits to castles & museums.

Duration: 4 to 6 days

  • Hunting of small animals and Fishing
  • The geographic and climate particular features of Albania are the main factors for the constitution of it’s endemic fauna and migratory movements. The hunting-areas are really the natural-paradise and every kind of animal can bee seen on it’s territory. Bushes and Mediterranean spots (stains) over the high hills, pine-forests, cliffs and vast areas with mountains. We can encounter rabbits, various birds, ducks and water birds through the lagoons. The fishing- amateurs will find (in the Ionian sea especially) a big richness with a variety of species, the presence of corals & undersea flora makes fishing in this area a unique experience.
The offer includes:Transfers, Albanian license for the import of arms and munitions, accommodation, tour guide to the hunting area and during the transfers, hunting-permit, the hunting and the use of the animal and veterinary certificate, professional assistance.


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